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What you should know about Viehhofen

International calls

If you want to make calls from abroad to Austria, please dial +43 before.
The main area codes for our neighboring countries are:
Germany: +49
Italy: +39
Switzerland: +41
Netherlands: +31
UK: +44

Ice Skating

In winter, on natural ice at the tennis court in Viehhofen (ice skates available to borrow for free) or on the frozen waters of the Zeller See. There is also an indoor ice rink in Zell am See.

Indoor Pools

In the neighboring community Zell am See and Tauernspa Kaprun

Library and book exchange

Every Tuesday from 2 - 5 pm in the Gallery Fresacher Christa (on the mainplace, previously Nah & Frisch shop) or on request: +43 664 9122 190

  • A village with tradition

  • The history of the parish of Viehhofen

A village with tradition

Viehhofen is an independent municipality with approximately 600 inhabitants and belongs to the district of Zell am See, the capital of Pinzgau. The emblem of Viehhofen is the wild sow, named after the northeast "Sausteigen" mountain.

The history of the parish of Viehhofen

In Viehhofen traditions and customs play a major role. Below you will find a chronicle of the parish of Viehhofen:

1767 host, August Gruber built a chapel, which was unfortunately destroyed in the flood of 1786.

1793 The ecclesiastical consistory grants an Excurrendo Curatie for Viehhofen. The co-operator from Zell am See had to travel to Viehhofen to conduct religious services.

 1796 the church in Viehhofen was built against the will of merchants/tradesmen of Zell am See. The church patron saint is St. Josef.

1800 A spiritual ministry is founded; the parsonage being built by the community itself and the church contributing 2,200 guilders to the project.

1891 Viehhofen becomes a parish.

1951 the church gets three bronze bells.

Nowadays, church services take place in the Viehhofen parish church every Sunday as well as on bank holidays at 09.00.


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